Professional & Explosive Entertainment

A melange of sound, style, and coolness that no other group comes close to matching

Momentum Drums is a high-energy percussion group dedicated to delivering quality and interactive corporate entertainment. Four New York City drummers from varying backgrounds all bring something different to the table. And our success can be summed up with two words: passion and energy.

Instrumentation and props can include stools, trash cans, live drums, sports equipment, consumer electronics, and the newest technology. Our routines contain precise choreography consisting of synchronized drumming, stick tricks, stomping, and juggling.

This is live entertainment for any size venue, any size audience, and every situation. The energy of the performances is explosive and completely contagious. The performers prove just how much everyone wants to dance, smile, and be part of the fun.

Momentum drummers have been seen performing at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and Torch relay, unveiling the newest vehicle lineup for Ford Motor Company, touring the country for Coca-Cola sponsored events, kicking off dance parties for VIP and Fundraiser events, creating midterm distractions at Yale, Rutgers and New Jersey City Universities, and more! Our most recent production was a collaboration with the North Bergen Board of Education whereby we brought music performances and workshops into the school system, focusing on the importance of teamwork, discipline, and education.